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"No one controls the rising of the sun or the coming of the night, 

but for those who are waiting to witness the light, 

there is a voice calling out, saying, 

awaken, the dawn is here"

-Prem Rawat-

The Greatest Adventure is to Know Oneself

After a long consistent effort, PEOPLE IN INDIA finally made a break through in Tamil Nadu, India 

An article by Prem was printed in the new Sunday express magazine, Supplement of The Indian express news paper

Golden Garden Party 2018


PEAK is an educational program to help you explore your own potential, to discover the self, to discover your own resources and discover the personal peace that lies in your heart.

PEAK consists of nine chapters covering topics from a new angle—to rethink, reconsider, and rediscover what you have always known.

Happiness, hope and peace are always available to every human being. They were within us—wherever we go, whatever we do, we carry these with us.

Once you have completed the series, there is an additional chapter. In this chapter, you can learn practical techniques to begin to connect with the peace that resides in your heart. The techniques of Knowledge allow you to take your focus from the outside, and take it to the inside, where, in your heart, you can feel and understand who you truly are. – Prem Rawat

Chapter 2: Who are you? “Who are you” deals with fundamentals of being alive, of being human, and the possibilities that exist within you. 
– Prem Rawat

Chapter 3: Clarity and beliefs 
“Clarity and beliefs” deals with the difference between believing and knowing. Beliefs are sometimes born from ideas and thinking, while the real clarity comes from experience.

You can believe anything, but knowing is for certain. – Prem Rawat

Chapter 4: Our choices 
“Choices” is the power you have to choose. Choose with understanding, choose with experience, choose with consciousness—and make the difference in your life; understand that power that you have to choose. This is when things fall into place. 
– Prem Rawat

Chapter 5: Understanding 
When you understand your inner resources, the clarity, the joy, the wisdom that you have, then it becomes very easy to understand who you are.

It is truly understanding all the components that are within us, not only our strengths, but our weaknesses too. This is what completes the whole picture of understanding who you are. – Prem Rawat

Chapter 6: Gratitude 
When you feel gratitude in your life, there is no better feeling—a feeling that comes from the very core of your being. – Prem Rawat

Chapter 7: Peace 
Understand that the peace you’re truly looking for is already within you. And that’s why you need to start with yourself. And when you can understand yourself, when you can feel that feeling inside of you, you understand what peace is. – Prem Rawat

Chapter 8: Hope 
Hope.” Without it, there are no more roads; there is no more light; there are no more journeys. You’re stuck. But when there is hope, even in the darkest day, you start to see the faintest of light, just enough to make you go. The most powerful thing that you have: discover the hope that resides within you.
– Prem Rawat

Chapter 9: Self-knowledge 
Self Knowledge is discovering the possibility of what exists inside of you, of rediscovering all those potentials that you were born with—focusing and understanding the possibilities that exist for you. Prem Rawat

Chapter 10: Knowledge introduction 
If what you heard resonates with you, there is an option to learn practical techniques of self Knowledge. And these practical techniques will allow you to tap into these strengths that are inside of you.


– Prem Rawat 

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Alyce Knaflich, US Army Veteran and founder of Aura Home, a local project for Homeless Women Veterans   




Alyce is a member of the newly formed Veterans for Life 

(a group of veterans interested in bringing Prem Rawat’s message of peace to other veterans and active duty military personnel).

Craig and Colin held a raffle which raised additional money

Lunch break. 6 1/2 miles on the MTS. Moderately strenuous. Next one will be similar,,,,,,respond if interested.  Early Morning!

2017 Birthday Party

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Community Share and Care


Howie Frankel recently mentioned that it would be nice to have a Community Share and Care.   If someone is sick or distressed and a family member or friend wants to let people know, they could get in touch with us and we could put this information on the community website.  This would offer the opportunity for people who wanted to offer help or support to do so. Since this information is personal, we would only share it if requested by a friend or family member and the person who needs assistance says it is OK. To forward any requests for Share and Care, Please click the Button below and send the information.

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